About Us

Why ‘Blue Line’?

Our name is derived from the police expression “The Thin Blue Line”, which represents police officers (who wear blue) and stand between the citizens and chaos. Our instructor uses his 15 + years of police experience, competitive shooting, and tactical and firearms instruction experience to allow citizens to protect themselves from the chaos out there that is a danger to them…To be their own blue line.

About the instructor 

Ken Delano has over 15 years experience in law enforcement, concealed carry, competitive shooting, and firearms training.

Ken holds the following certifications:

  • National Rifle Association (NRA) certified Firearms Instructor
  • State of Utah, Bureau of Criminal Identification – Concealed Firearms Permit Instructor
  • Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services – Firearms Instructor
  • Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services – General Instructor
  • Taser® Instructor
  • Tactical Rifle Instructor
  • AR-15 Armorer

Kydex holster craftsman

As a result of Ken’s passion for training civilians on safe concealed carry, he began making custom kydex holsters.  Other law enforcement officers nationwide use his unique, handcrafted holsters to keep them and the public safe both on and off duty.