About Us

Why ‘Blue Line’?

Our name is derived from the police expression “The Thin Blue Line”, which represents police officers (who wear blue) and stand between the citizens and chaos.  

Our Founder 

Our founder, Ken Delano was a 15+ year law enforcement veteran, competitive shooter and firearms instructor. He held numerous certifications and trained hundreds of law enforcement officers and civilians in both advanced firearms and tactical training as well as common-sense personal safety. 

Ken combined his skills as a craftsman and his passion for safe concealed carry when he began making custom kydex holsters. He began in 2012 making holsters for himself, his friends, and other law enforcement officers.  About two years later, Ken introduced his holsters to gun show customers all along the East Coast.  He was adept at finding custom carry solutions for each person based on their unique needs and expanded our selection as a result. 

Ken’s Legacy

Tragically, in April 2021, Ken passed away after a brief illness.  If you were fortunate to meet him at a gun show, it was likely memorable.  He often referred to himself as the “Victoria’s Secret of holsters” because he enjoyed making beautiful a product that was usually concealed.  His customers will miss his expert advice, unmatched quality work, and his dynamic storytelling.

Each of Ken’s holsters was a work of art and created with care.  He kept a vast inventory of holsters available so that he could meet a wide variety of customer requests at gun shows. 

The holsters that Ken left behind are (and will be) offered for sale on this website.  Inventory is limited to the holsters that Ken made and will honor his legacy.  When they are gone, they are gone. However, keep checking for updates!  There are hundreds of holsters available and time constraints only allow new listings to be added in small batches.  (Read that as “Ken’s wife is continuing with her 9-5 job and will update the website and fulfill current orders and requests as her time permits.”)

Blue Line, LLC will remain open to support our wonderful customers who for the past 7+ years have often become dear friends.  Contact us for hardware, replacement clips or any other needs so that you can continue to safely carry.  That’s what Ken would want.

A note from Ken’s wife

Rebecca Delano here.  I had the honor and great pleasure to serve alongside Ken at our first gun show in Concord, NC and his last show in Fredericksburg, VA and countless shows in between.  If you spent any time at all with us at a gun show, you know that “great pleasure” is an understatement.  “Tons of fun” may be more like it.

Throughout our 25 years together, I also participated in the concealed carry classes he taught, and I was often able to join him in the training classes he attended. I know for certain that I have been trained by the best!  This kind of training combined with the experience of carrying concealed for 20+ years qualifies me to help support our Blue Line, LLC customers in Ken’s absence.  

I am not only qualified to support our customers, but I am committed to doing so.  Blue Line, LLC was the perfect outlet for Ken’s skills and experience as a life-long craftsman and one passionate about personal safety.  It is a worthy legacy.

So, please don’t hesitate to contact me for inventory inquiries, especially while I am still in the process of adding products online.  You can even ask questions about concealed carry. Chances are I’ve heard the question before, and I can tell you exactly what Ken would say!

Ken & Rebecca Delano
Kydex Delano (Blue Line, LLC mascot)