In memory of Ken Delano

It’s been a year since Ken’s passing. I understand some people are still just finding out that their favorite holster and gun show guy is not around anymore. It is still heartbreaking and still shocking, even to me (his wife).

I’m carrying on his holster legacy as best I can. He left plenty of inventory that I am still (slowly!) adding to our online store. I know that is what he wanted because I used to ask him “What if something happens to you? What should I do if…” He would simply say “sell holsters.” That is what I’m here to do.

Ken Delano, Founder Blue Line, LLC

To our loyal customers who knew Ken, especially those we met at gun shows: You’re not alone in missing the fun of hanging out at his table, swapping funny stories or exchanging opinions about the latest fads in firearms. Isn’t it amazing how talking with Ken for only a few minutes every few months can have such an impact? He was unforgettable to say the least.