New models added!

We now have over 120 models available for purchase.  Some of the newest offerings:

Kimber Micro Carry
FN 509
Ruger GP 100 (Revolver)
HK P30
CZ 75 Compact
Springfield 911

See our full list of available models. And, yes, we have plenty of Sig 365 and Glock 48s!

From the mailbox…

We just received this comment from a customer who purchased a Fabric Clip holster with the Claw attachment.

I wanted to give my thoughts on my new holster. Got back from vacation yesterday and attached the claw piece on the holster today. I wore it most of today and am very pleased with the comfort of this appendix holster. I love that it can be worn without a belt. I practiced drawing from it and I’m impressed that it stays locked and does not come off the waistband!

Try one for yourself! Order a fabric clip holster. Add the claw for $5 more.