Beyond Basics

Above and beyond a ‘typical’ concealed carry class: For the most serious few seconds of your life.

This is Blue Line, LLCs newest and most unique course offering.  This course qualifies Virginia residents to be eligible to apply for a Concealed Carry Permit.

This seminar-style format is 90 minutes in length and the agenda includes:

  • Handgun safety & operation
  • Legal considerations for the use of force
  • Concealed carry best practices
  • Selecting a pistol that ‘fits’
  • Selecting a holster for any body type and lifestyle
  • Q&A with instructor
Attend if you:
  • Have questions about personal safety
  • Are considering purchasing a firearm for home defense or concealed carry
  • Would like to expand your firearms training beyond the minimum requirements
  • Already have a Virginia concealed carry permit or are interested in obtaining one

Multiple handguns will be made available to train on safe handling practices and manipulation. A variety of holsters will be available for inspection and demonstration.

No live ammo will be present.