Introduction to Concealed Carry

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Once you have completed The Virginia Firearms Safety Classthe Introduction to Concealed Carry class is the next logical step in your training. This class will provide you with the crucial day to day information that you need to know about carrying a concealed handgun in Virginia.

This 4 hour class is a companion to our Basic Firearms Safety class and the course material is routinely updated to give permit holders the very latest information available.

This class is taught by a certified NRA firearms instructor and a student manual will be provided. This course alone is not designed to meet the Virginia requirements for a concealed handgun permit, but rather it is a companion class to our Basic Firearms Safety class.  We highly encourage our students to take this class as the next step in their concealed carry training.

One of the most important components of this training class is the Code of Virginia section. This section covers laws that you need to be aware of when carrying a handgun with your Concealed Handgun Permit. This is a classroom lecture only. Topics include: – ‘Concealed Carry’ vs. ‘Open Carry’, The Code of Virginia and Federal firearm laws as they relate to carrying a handgun, Safe interaction with law enforcement while carrying concealed. Choosing the correct defensive caliber, Reciprocity with other states, Understanding the use of deadly force in Virginia, the Castle Doctrine, and other topics

Alert me when new classes are scheduled.