Utah Concealed Firearm Permit

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This 4-hour course will meet the requirements for both a Virginia resident and a Utah non-resident permit.

Attend this course if you would like to have either or both permits or if you just want more in-depth training than the basic Virginia course.

Course Outline

  • Basic handgun safety
  • Important state and federal codes
  • Common sense practices


  • Utah state application and requisite fingerprint card included
  • Opportunity for informal Q&A with instructor
  • Multiple handguns available for inspection and demonstration
  • Includes CD with covered material and bonus material (e.g. videos, pdfs)

Why Utah?

Note: You are not required to apply for the Utah permit to take this class. You have 12 months to decide if you would like to apply. Virginia residents must have a Virginia resident permit before applying for the Utah permit.

Combined with Virginia resident permit, the Utah non-resident permit is recognized by more states than any other non-resident permit

  • VA permit alone = 31 state coverage.
  • VA + UT = 36 state coverage.

Insure yourself against ever-changing concealed carry laws

  • In the last 3 years, there have been 15 reciprocity changes among states
  • Obtain another state permit while it is still legal to do so

Utah non-resident permit is only $49 and is good for 5 years

  • Renew for only $15 after that

Non-resident permits are a good investment for anyone who travels between states.

Alert me when new classes are scheduled.