Customer Comments

“The SR9/40C conceal holster is awesome!  Zero adjustments required and it’s a comfortable fit and secure draw! And you were right, the individual mag holster for the other side was the right call.  It feels more natural.  I gave it a try at the range it was great for speed.” (A.B. Indiana)

“I met you at the NRA Show in Indy and purchased a IWB holster for a my Kimber Micro.  I wanted to tell you that I am very pleased with the holster and the craftsmanship you put into your product.”  (J.P. West Virginia)

“I wanted to give my thoughts on my new holster. Got back from vacation yesterday and attached the claw piece on the holster today. I wore it most of today and am very pleased with the comfort of this appendix holster. I love that it can be worn without a belt. I practiced drawing from it and I’m impressed that it stays locked and does not come off the waistband!” (D.H., Virginia)

“Your attention to detail and professionalism just makes me want to work with you more on future projects and to simply recommend you and your line to products to friends and family.” (J.A. Virginia)

“I will continue to talk up your holster because it’s a very good and comfy holster…I have blade-tech and NSR Tactical and I just don’t like the way they fit. Yours is the first Kydex IWB I actually like.” (W.L., New York)

“I got the [fabric clip] holster and am THRILLED that it works!!!!!!!! You have just opened up a closet of options. Thank you so much.” (D.Z., Virginia)

“Thank you Ken. My holster arrived today and I love it. I appreciate your time and effort to make sure I would have a holster that I would be happy with.” (M.C., Georgia)

“I received the holster yesterday. All I can say is it is awesome.  I passed on the website to a few people.” (P.D., New York)

“I got the holster today and wanted to email and let you know I’m very pleased with it! I wore it all afternoon riding my motorcycle and its very concealable & comfortable. Thanks again!” (P.S., Virginia)

“Hi Ken, just wanted to let you know I received my custom holster in the mail today, and it is outstanding. The fit for my M&P 2.0 compact is flawless, and the Virginia Air Guard patch on the holster looks awesome. Much appreciated. I love it so much, I will have you do another custom for one of my other guns soon. Thank you sir.” (S.C., Virginia)

“Picked up the holster Wednesday and carried it a majority of the day Thursday and today. Absolutely love it, just as the other products I have received from you. Wore it on a Condor Cobra Gun Belt and it simply disappears even when I was wearing an athletic fit shirt…I will certainly be purchasing more from you. Great, great work…You make a great product, which is why I always come back and will continue to do so.”  (A.I., Alabama)

“Received the holster last week and wore it over the weekend. The holster is working very well, and fits my piece perfectly! Thanks for a quality product!” (M.W., Virginia)

“I bought a holster this weekend at the gun show. It’s great. Fits my G43 like a glove.” (T.E., Virginia)

“I meant to contact you after I received my last holster (lace-pattern OWB for Glock 19) and tell you how much I LOVE it, but life got in the way. So, I’ll tell you now! I get so many compliments on that holster. I’ve also used it during many advanced training sessions, and it has never let me down.” (C.A., Kentucky)

“I’ve had the holster for several weeks now and am really satisfied with it.  Thank you for getting it to me so quick.”  (A.H., Maryland)

“I was at the Doswell gun show on Sunday. looking for a Holster for my Springfield Xd mod 2 sub compact. The young lady working your area was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. My son purchased an inside waist band holster for me and I love it. That evening after getting home I put on sweat pants and went to the range on my property. The holster preformed great. Later I had to go to Quantico with a stop at the store the holster was really comfortable and was totally invisible under my t-shirt.  This is a great holster. Thank you. (M.H., Virginia)

“My [girlfriend] ordered a custom holster from you at the Hampton show and I was impressed and bought one from you at the [Virginia Beach] show. I love the holster, best fit and most comfy I’ve found for my Ruger LCP.” (D.M., Virginia)

“I did try the clip as you suggested and am very satisfied. It performs as you described. I even took a spill while walking my dog last week and no issue with anything coming loose!” (D.P., Virginia)

“I happened to cross paths with you yesterday, along with my father in-law who purchased a holster. I am emailing you to let you know just how blessed and grateful I was for your assistance yesterday and the wonder gift of the Thin Blue Line wallet. It is refreshing and wonderful to know how big this brotherhood is in such a time of need. It is also refreshing to meet such a wonderful human being. Keep up the great work and remember your brother in blue. Thanks again!” (D.F., Virginia)

“Got the holster yesterday.  It’s perfect thank you!” (J.S., Ohio)

“I just have to let you know that the holster you crafted is……. AWESOME! Wow, what a great job, fits like a glove, and the SERPA mount makes it very versatile for me. Thanks again for all of the expert help!” (B.N., Virginia)

“I wanted to wait some time before I emailed you back because I wanted to test out the holster…Anyways, I love the holster, it’s comfortable and it’s great how I can switch between using the belt or just as a clip on style. Very unique design; most companies make it one way or the other…I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated it! I use the credit card holder every day. It’s held up extremely well and it’s very durable!” (L.W., Maryland)

“I spoke with Ken at the gun show last weekend while my friend had a holster for a Rock Island double stack 1911 with full rail made. Ken was phenomenal! Easy to talk to, informative and attention to detail unmatched…” (M.Z. Virginia)

“I am wearing the holster today and am very impressed.  It is simple, the construction is clean and the fit for the PPK is excellent. Most important it is comfortable and easy to use. I am now a big fan of Blue Line, LLC and will tell my friends about your products.” (W.W., New York)

“I met you at the Chantilly gun show in October I think it was. I bought two of your holsters, one for a Glock 27 and another for a Glock 42. Anyway, I absolutely love both of them, and I find myself carrying firearms that I did not want to carry simply because of how comfortable the holsters are.” (A.B., Virginia)

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