Rustic Teal Design Holster for 1911


Limited edition Blue Line, LLC holster handcrafted by Ken Delano.  This holster will fit 4.5″ (and shorter) 1911.  The open bottom is pictured so show it may fit 5″ 1911 (some of the barrel would be exposed). Contact us with questions.

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Recommended for RH IWB carry* with 1.75″ foldover clip or LH OWB with Paddle, Other clip options are available. More info about clip options.

Handcrafted holster features:

  • Adjustable retention
  • Adjustable cant
  • Smooth polished finish inside and out
  • Targeted retention at trigger guard to minimize wear on slide/ frame

*RH IWB = Right-handed inside the waistband (LH OWB = Left-handed outside the waistband)