Blue Line, LLC Holster & Clip Option Demos

New Fabric clip demo (Glock 42 in demo)

Blue Line, LLC at the NRA Annual Meeting 2019
Featuring the holster issued to a federal law enforcement agency and the fabric clip holster, our popular beltless carry option.

Holster and clip options for full size concealed carry pistol (M&P .40 cal in demo).

Holster and clip options for mid-size concealed carry pistol (Glock 43 in demo)

 Blue Line, LLC Holster Demos: Drawing from concealment

.94 second from seated position (Full size .40 cal. M&P)

.72 second with full size .40 cal. M&P with light

.32 second from pocket holster

 Blue Line, LLC Training Demos: Drawing from concealment

Appendix carry demo, getting knocked on ground (9mm S&W Shield)

Tucked in shirt, drawn from concealment, tactical reload, re-holster (9mm S&W Shield)

Inside vehicle, seatbelted, appendix carry draw (9mm S&W Shield)

Appendix carry demo (simulated restaurant booth), draw weapon, re-holster (.40 cal. M&P)

Blue Line, LLC Firearms  & Tactical Training Demo

Criminal confrontation training demo for civilians (Close-Quarter Battle)

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